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. the two protests are also underway in oakland, two there. john alstons monitoring the situation own the -- on the ground. reporter: speakers have been going on for an hour here outside of oakland city hall. they have had several rallies that had been previously scheduled around the bay area for the day after the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. speakers have been surrounded by supporters here. some are holding signs featuring trayvon martin's face. the speeches haved a times been angry, slamming the police and the justice system. sometimes in profane terms and have been strategizing, saying there is power and numbers and could shut down oakland if they want to but would want to do it without damage. the verdict has re-ignited passions of residents still angry over the death of oscar grant. >> too many lives being loves and nothing done, and people need they still need to fight for this young black men, for their lives. the fight is not over. we still need to remember them and fight for them. for their lives. >> one of the speakers sayings the idea was to harness the power of wha
. >> the verdict prompting hundreds of protestors to take to the streets in oakland today. kron four's philippe djegal was at frank ogawa plaza. where a rally and march were held. >> reporter: payroll has made her way into the center's actually, where we can see -- they all made their way ahead into the city center. her to the right, the oakland police of the apartment is his standing five. hanafi police department says that for the most part to the rally and the mars has been peacefu and the -- march has been peaceful. fame of the protesters are showing up with signs blasting the verdict. >> what happened whiff of marcham. such emotion across the nation over the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman. he was facing second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a florida teenager. the nation is reacting, as zimmerman adjusts to life as a free man. shannon travis has more from sanford, florida. though the jury ended the criminal debate, the verdict fueled the national debate over the shooting death of trayvon martin. gathered at frank ogawa plaza. which protestors instea
station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> at 11:00, oakland police say there will be more officers on the streets the next time there are protests over the zimmerman verdict. you are looking at video from an earlier protest from our helicopter partnership with abc7. good evening everyone, i'm catherine heenan. a business owner very upset about violence and vandalism. the chief said he is vowing to take action. kron 4's phillipe jegal is life in oakland for more on what police plan to do differently next time. >> reporter: police chief sean says the recent wave of violence is unacceptable and his department will do everything they can to step up the efforts to hold the violent protesters accountable. today the alameda district attorneys office filed charges against three of nine people arrested monday night for the roles in the chaos. 27-year-old lamar caldwell and jeffrey clark. this is new youtube video taken of protesters in downtown oakland. protesters are smashing windows. ahead of another zimmerman verdict rally scheduled this saturday in oakland, business leaders are
oakland girl. where crews are looking to try and find little daphne webb. and as survivors return home. families are preparing lawsuits against asiana airlines. why some survivors may have a tougher time than others in court. >>erica: temperatures are mostly in the '50s and then looks like some dense fog right around santa rosa and half moon valley. for later on this morning, you can see we will try to bring up futurecast. . here's a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. you will notice partly cloudy conditions into the afternoon and temperatures will be on the cooler side today and tomorrow so expect heavy morning fog, partly sunny conditions into the afternoon and we will warm things up into the middle of this week. we will continue with the warming trend lasting into the weekend. looks like saturday and sunday temperatures will be eighties and nineties. i will have more on your weekend forecast coming up in my next report. taking a look at traffic, we are not monitoring any incidents but we do have overnight construction. nothing untypical just a few way closures as you make y
>>> for the second night protesters take to the streets of oakland denouncing the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. in a move that many find offensive demonstrators set fire to the american flag. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we begin with breaking news, tensions rose tonight in oakland after protesters tried to block motorists in downtown oakland. the group which has been relatively peaceful all day were told the disperse less than an hour ago. >> the group has been rallying in regard to the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. >>> we begin with deborah villalon. >> reporter: a lot of anger, a lot of anguish over the verdict and you can hear and see it right now at 14th street and broadway. for the second night in a row about 100 people are ignoring police orders to disperse. they are circling the intersection. this is what remains of a march of 500 that started about five hours ago. sanford florida is some 7,000 miles away from oakland. but for this crowd the trayvon martin story feels local. reminiscent of young unarmed osc
is with protesters in san francisco but we begin with eric rasmussen live in oakland where last night's demonstration sparked violence and vandalism. >> reporter: it sounds like a large march through downtown is getting ready to start. look behind me. hundreds filled in in the last 45 minutes. denouncing the acquittal of george zimmerman. many say they are angry but not everyone is expressing it in the same way. >> it is a racist system. >> reporter: 3,000 miles from florida where trayvon martin was killed and a jury acquitted george zimmerman. protesters in oakland are back in the spotlight denouncing the justice system. >> we are all trayvon martin. >> this needs to stop. i have children and they are getting older. i don't want them to live in fear. i don't want to be afraid for my son. >> reporter: from this rally, protesters remained peaceful. others lashed out. a photographer was pushed and threatened in oakland saturday night. protesters vandalized a bus stop and spanished windows -- spatials windows -- smashed windows. >> they are working hard like everyone else. do not fight with your hands,
>>> mashed store fronts and vandalism across downtown oakland after a heated demonstration last night, people angry over the acquittal of george zimmerman. we'll tell you why many say justice was not served. >>> and families of the asiana flight 214. how victims are thanking people here in the bay area. >>> high in the air and catchable! it's a no-hitter for tim lincecum! >> and it's a giant celebration by the giants. more on the stellar performance by pitcher tim lincecum. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news on 2. >> i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. another cool morning out there, but rosemary joining us now with a look at what we can expect today. if we liked yesterday -- >> we are right there in that ballpark, claudia. we are going to see another nice day. the clouds along the coastline into the bay this morning, temperatures similar for most. and into the afternoon, i think we will see just a minor change and it will be in the way of a start of a cool-down. for some of us, slightly cooler, and it will be a cooler path
>>> oakland business owners pick up the pieces after two nights of violence. >> there weren't many police out. >> merchants could see more violence because of a jury verdict thousands of miles away. also what the oakland mayor just said about what's happening. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. there's a lot of cleanup to do in downtown oakland after two nights of violence prompted by the acquittal of george zimmerman. alex savidge is live with more. is the city bracing for more problems? >> reporter: there's rally planned for downtown. these are what things look like after two straight nights of demonstrations. things go grow out of control. the mayor said this kind of destruction behavior dishonors the memory of trayvon martin. this morning workers replaced large glass windows at the chase bank on broadway after protesters broke them during heated demonstrations this weekend. the oaklandish store was hit. disappointing and frustrating for this locally-owned clothing company. >> it's really upsetting. we all live here and are from here and we do everything we can to support th
stopping marchers and making >> breaking news in oakland where the standoff between police and protestors has intensified in the past 15 minutes or so. it is another night of anger in the streets over the trayvon martin verdict. >> good evening. >> carolyn has the night off. minutes ago sky 7 hd was overhead as protestors and police face off in downtown oakland. officers made at least 5 arrest tonight. of we are on the phone live with the very latest. >> just few minutes ago the march stalled near broadway and telegraph where protest trors facing off with police. the vandalism is not as wide spread off this weekend but things are getting pretty intense down there. just about 15 minutes ago protestors started throwing things at police and the police answered back with flash agree canadian and emotional crowd and many say the verdict opened up the wound of the oscar grant verdict. started out peaceful but lick most oakland demonstration the crowd dynamic changes dramatically when the sun goes down. by nature fall protesttors had dwindled to crowd of few hundred. march
>>> they have to do it again. oakland business owners are picking up after another night of violence. >> if you refuse to move, you will be arrested. >> in addition to property damage, there was a brutal assault on a worker. we just got new information on that. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. storeowners in oakland are cleaning up after another night of violence and vandalism. at least nine people were arrested after a march protesting the george zimmerman verdict. we have live team coverage. we begin with alex savidge who has new information on the brutal attack on a waiter. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. in addition to all of the damage done to the businesses, one person was seriously injured in the attack. he's a server here at flora restaurant on telegraph avenue. you can see the windows boarded up. this server was apparently attacked by a mass protesters last night who hit him in the face with a hammer. one of his coworkers told me this man was taken to the hospital and did have to have sphichs of the injured server was among a group of employe
to union leaders later today. meantime 1300 long shoremen will not be coming to work so the port of oakland will be packed as trucks wait until 7:00 tonight to make the deliveries and pickups. live at the port of oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case has led to yet another confrontation between police and protestors in downtown oakland. this was the scene at frank ogawa plaza late last night. dozens of demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear to come to make sure things did not get out of control. it came after three straight nights of wide spread violence. e.g. fascia blames oakland's political relationship for the protests on the streets. >> we allow them to do what they do any other place. shame on them and the people that are not doing anything about this. >> last night police took one man into custody on an outstanding warrant. another man with a boom box was detained for violating oakland's noise ordnance. >>> we have the photo of a waiter that was in a brutal attack. a mass protestor hit him in the face with a ham
of oakland early this morning approved a controversial surveillance monitoring center that they say will keep people safer. we're live in oakland to explain why not everyone is happy about the measure as the debate continues. >> reporter: good afternoon. you're right. the oakland city council in their early morning hours gave the go-ahead to begin construction of this surveillance center, otherwise known as the domain awareness center. this will be a hub for police to watch everything that's going on in the city. before the city council votes some residents were not happy about it. >> motion passes. thank you. >> reporter: that was video of oakland residents not happy over the city council's decision from last night. many say this will infringe on privacy rights. others say it won't make a difference at all. the center will be monitored by oakland police and will of the capability to pull in different camera feeds within the city and the port. it may also include license plate readers and some type of social media aspect. the city council approved early safeguards. they include not includin
. >> some downtown businesses and oakland are waking up hoping their stores were not vandalized by people protesting the george zimmerman verdict. for the third straight night, hundreds stick to this tree in oakland. this is video of the process from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. at one point, a crowd blocked both directions on interstate 880. will tran is in downtown oakland taking a look at the damage. >> most of the people arrested were not even from oakland. about 250 protesters gathered a block from this location and city hall. they made their way through downtown oakland. this is fresh, this is not saturday or sunday. a comerica bank at 12 and broadway, one window was damaged. that window easily could have come down on someone. this is the front door, it opens up in two hours from now. with the employees and customers show up these are the door is a walk through. the damage to not go all the way through. this is the only location to show you this morning. on 14th and 15th on broadway, a couple of stores were vandalized. a store here caters to oakland pride. everyth
in oakland. alex savidge is getting a look at some of the damage. alex. >> reporter: good morning. it was another night of angry demonstrations here in oakland in response to the acquittal of neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. you can see some of what was done here. store fronts were smashed. we're out here in front of the oaklandish store. their windows were broken out. they put up boards to minimize the damage. but quite a bit of damage was done throughout this area. our ktvu cameras followed a group of several hundred protestors as they moved throughout downtown oakland. spray painting buildings and at certain points clashing with police. we awe at one point one person taken into custody. the protestors blocked several intersections forcing drivers to turn around ere around. at one point our photographer felt threatened by some of the crowds and ducked behind a business. this unrest followed a mostly in the night. >> we're all americans. we're all human. and we should all be angry. >> it was a travesty. zimmerman was guilty. >> reporter: at the intersection of 14th
>> reporter: we're live in oakland as protesters take to the streets. some, as you see, on wheels to denounce the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. we'll tell you how police are trying to prevent a repeat of last week's violent marches. >>> trayvon martin's mother attends one of the other protests today all over the country. >>> an oakland mother speaks publicly for the first time since the shooting death of her 8-year-old daughter at a slumber party. >>> good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >>> it's been a day full of protests all over the country with people calling for justice for trayvon martin. we want to show you a live look from news over downtown oakland. there's protesters on bicycles on the streets. that's oakland city hall on the left side of the screen. they are right near frank ogawa plaza. that's been the epicenter of the protest for the last few days as oakland and other cities across the country participate in these protests against the george zimmerman verdict. we've been covering the demonstrations all day long. ktvu's jade hernande
in downtown oakland becomes the target of a brutal attack. it came during another night of violence and vandalism. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where 100 pets have died in a house fire this morning. we'll tell you what they were doing there and how another animal helped save the homeowner's life. >> reporter: and an early- morning shooting in san francisco's mission district leads to a standoff. we'll tell you what s.w.a.t. officers did just minutes ago. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> good morning. it's tuesday, july 15th. i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. dave clark is off today. let's begin with weather. steve? it's cloudy. >> very much so tori, that means cooler weather for everyone. when the low clouds make it out to fairfield and travis, that tells us it will be cooler with 60s, 70s and very low 80s. here's sal. >>> good morning. westbound highway 24 traffic is moving along nicely coming up to the willow pass grade. san mateo bridge traffic looks good out to the high rise. back to the desk. >>> san jose firefighters rescued a woman from a house fire. howeve
of oakland saw protesters for a fourth straight day following the acquittal of george zimmerman. this time authorities were prepared for violent crowds. and a large group of people gathered on the steps at san francisco's city hall to make their voices heard. unlike recent protests, they preached for peace. good morning i'm anny hong thank you for waking up with us this wednesday july 17th. and i'm james fletcher. police we're on high alert as protesters took to the streets for a fourth straight night following the acquittal of george zimmerman. in oakland, police outnumbered the protesters after falling under scrutiny for being unprepared following saturdays verdict. police handed out tickets and made one arrest, a much different scene from monday nights rallies. dozens of officers were stationed at oakland's city hall in full riot gear. crews were ready to step in when a small group of protestors confronted police. >>james: a toddler in oakland is still missing. and her family says more needs to be done to find her. daphne webb's father says she was kidnapped from his car which was parke
and oakland and this is the situation police will like to keep a handle on because things could blow up obviously. then permit is live at the rally. what does it look like amateur perspective? now they've started marching down for . one must wonder what mayor jean quan and other people are thinking at this point. again this rally got on the way at 6:00 and this is what it looked like. >> reporter: as many nearby businesses closed up. >>chanting >> reporter: to protest the burdick at george at the george zimmerman trial. >> ice set on my knees and cried when the verdict came back not guilty. i called my i called my eldest and ask them where was he? he said he was at jack and the box. i told him to get home. i caught i think is a shame to us as parents should have to tell our childre come home and live our life in fear. >> bunghole system is guilty and we need to shut it down. >> >> reporter: a good 10 minutes oakland police stood by and watched as one car tried to get by this protester became pilots and not arrested. but oakland police did finally step in and took over the intersection.
to find other options. live in oakland alex savidge. >>> time e time right now 4:30. let's check in with sal. to you see the roads? what do you think later this morning what it would be like? >> i think it will be a gradual build up. let's take a look at the pictures. certainly there are people. the people who are very well prepared who said i don't want a claimer of traffic. they are on the road. they're having a big commute. the big question is what will it be like two hours of now. it might help out with the holiday week. we will see what happens with that. let's take a look at what we have with san francisco. along northbound 101 you can see traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. and if you are driving on the peninsula so far so good. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. transportation officials say this morning's bart strike could add another 100,000 cars to bay area freeways because of the extra traffic people are being encouraged to try car pooling. to help bart is offering free parking. bart has parking lots at 33 stations and all of them will be open. ho
area. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has our coverage from oakland. >> they talked for hours which has to be a good sign. better than not talking at all but no end to the contract dispute. plan today as if the strike will continue throughout the day. as far as we know right now trains will not be running. the strike continues. the two sides did work all night long. food was brought in at 9:00 indicating that it was going to be a long night. it started at 6:30, and lasted until 3:00 this morning. the difference this time is too high level mediators had seats at the table that were appointed by governor brown. they decided at 3:00 a.m. they needed a break. >> it is late. we decided we will make more progress if we get sleep. we worked very hard together. along with fine mediators assigned by the governor. we have been asked not to speak to the press other than make the single comment. i wish you a good night. >> they will meet again at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. both sides are feeling the pressure: lt. governor and the insurance commissioner have made comments how this strike needs
>> our breaking news begins in oakland, where you are looking at a third straight night of protests. minutes ago the crowd of protesters were on the move. this comes after another disruption, our chopper was over the scene as police forced protesters down around and off 880, this was at 7:30 this evening. the protesters flooded the 880, blocking traffic in both directions. good evening. >> disruptive and tense. with we are tracking the protesters as they pass through oakland. they have turned violent, forcing police to make some arrests. >> stephanie is joining us live. you are hearing that police are making another call for help at this hour? >> reporter: they are, we are just getting reports now that the protesters are getting more violent this happening at city hall in just the last half hour to an hour, you can see here at police headquarters is where they set up a command post, police have called for other neighboring law enforcement agencies to come here and stand by. help that oakland police say they really need as they deal with the shooting on the east side tonight and now
by an administrative law judge and the five-member commission. >>> new video -- an oakland police car was involved in a crash this morning in emeryville. it reportedly followed a chase. at least one other car was involved. we have attempted to contact oakland police about the collision but have not been able to get any information from them. >>> this evening relatives of a missing toddler in oakland will pray for her safe return. a candlelight vigil for 20- month-old daphne webb is set for 6:30 tonight at 79th avenue and international boulevard. that's where her father reported her missing exactly one week ago. john webb was notably absent during a fruz conference yesterday. daphne's mom was there but was too emotional to speak. >> they are here to show their unwavering support and love and bring baby daphne home. >> the oakland police have not identified john webb as a suspect in daphne's dispeerns. the girl was last seen in late june. the family is working with the clidz class foundation to help -- with the if klaas kids foundation to help -- the family is working with the klaas kids foundation
emeryville into san francisco. eric and kristen? >> this morning, oakland police want you to look at photos to help identify vandals who caused damage after the george zimmerman verdict. first show as man throwing a trash can at a store window on saturday night. in this picture another man scrawls graffiti on the street the same night. watch the man on the bicycle he suddenly kicks and didn'ts a car near lake merritt. not all images show the faces and clothing and other identifiable characteristics may lead them to those involved. police want you to show any pictures you have of other crimes. >> more vandalism could come with protests planned this weekend in oakland. frustrated business owners want to hold off problems they have seen in protesting and met with the marian and the police chief who promised to do better to protect the public. oakland police say they will be ready for whatever happens. >> we have higher number of police officers out and more successful at preventing violent crime and vandalism. >> punish those that commit the crimes: graffiti, breaking windows. >> the chief wil
convicted of the serious charge. >> more surveillance throughout oakland could be coming soon. city council votes tonight on a proposal tochl pand surveillance system that would include port and city of oakland. others saying it's too invasive. now, we are now from oakland's emergency management center. >> this would be headquarters of the so called domain awareness center. the center. those who oppose it say big brother will arrive. the port has 130 surveillance cameras. homeland security came wupt money in 2008 to help pro test the port against any trarks. now, homeland security wants to give oakland $2 million to expand surveillance area to include parts of oakland. the office of emergency services says it's a matter of keeping people safe. >> because cameras under a public view. and we'd be able to get resources to that emergency whenever it is to the city. a lot faster than now. >> no cameras will be added. the center will use four cameras and the mapping system and integrate into one surveillance center here at the office of emergency services. city council expected to approve it what
for you on this tuesday, july 16th. protests in oakland get ""out of control"" as dozens are arrested last night. and a juror in the george zimmerman trial is speaking out. what she had to say about the verdict, coming up. good morning i'm anny hong. and i'm james fletcher. crowds of protesters are breaking storefront windows and clashing with police in downtown oakland this morning after hundreds of protesters gathered in response to the acquittal of george zimmerman. this is video of the protests from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c seven news. oakland police attempted to redirect the crowd of at least 250 protesters when they began lighting off fireworks and smashing glass windows on telegraph avenue. the protests briefly blocked traffic on interstate 880. so far, nine people have been arrested. the rally began last night around six at the frank ogawa plaza. here is what one protester had to say during that rally. late last night protesters attempted to stop traffic on interstate 580 but were blocked by police. other confrontations between protesters and police h
oakland. what police knew about the shooting that killed an 8-year- old girl. >> uc regents meet to confirm their first female president. why some students think janet napolitano will make their lives harder. >> starting out with some low clouds and fog but we are getting ready for some heat. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and metering lights are on now over at the bay bridge toll plaza. where do the delays begin? we'll let you know coming up. >>> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, july 18. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. let's get a look at the weather now with lawrence. >> let's do it. >> yeah, we have some low clouds and fog surging onshore this morning. looks look that is going to break up a little bit earlier on and that means more sunshine coming our way and the temperatures going to start to heat up outside. rite now, you have mostly cloudy skies over the bay clear into concord and noose travis right now so you get the idea that we are going to see more sunshine on the way. numbers now into the 50s. by the afternoon into
, florida, marcy gonzalez, abc news. >> oakland-based civil rights attorney john burris said he was not surprised by the not guilty verdict. >> the prosecution put on a witness that said there was a fight that was taking place, it looked like a fight, but trayvon was on top of mr. zimmerman. the prosecution put that witness on. that witness turned out to be a better witness for the defense, and in my own view ultimately was a lynch pin of the defense's case. >> protesters marched across the city after the verdict was read. sky 7hd was overhead as a group of protesters marched through the mission district. sergio is live with the latest. sergio? >> ama, within about an hour of the verdict being announced in sanford, florida about a hundred people turned out here to mission and 24th for a demonstration here in san francisco. but right now in oakland the demonstrations there are just starting up. you can see now live on sky 7hd there is a group of people, probably about 25 to 50 people who just moved out of the plaza near city hall and are now moving up on broadway. this demonstrat
the mayors of san francisco and oakland get involved to bring a speedy resolution to the strike. >> it is 6:05. bart is completely out of service with the transit agency again offering limited bus service to commuters even expanding the service. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in pleasanton. >> i talked to people who, worked from home yesterday but need to go to work today or they drove dead and they want to try the buses today so i will give you a look at what to expect the this is waiting to fill up before it takes off for the city but we have a couple more waiting to go in pleasanton when this is gulf. because of the popularity bart has adjusted you can now catch a bus at this station from 5:00 to 9:00 and the other four stays from yesterday are available, dublin/pleasanton, walnut creek, fremont, and el cerrito a free round-trip bus ride into the city. bart is worried about capacity and says this cannot replace all trains and is asking for those who can work from home to do it, again today. >> before you go we want to check in with you because we just heard from our vice preside
>> investigation is underway in oakland right now after two employees are shot and killed inside a wing stop restaurant overnight. the restaurant is on lake park avenue near interstate 580 and grand avenue. do police have a suspect in custody? >> reporter: good morning. at this point oakland police tell us they are looking for at least two suspects who are responsible for the deaths of two employees of this wing stop right behind us on lake park drive. this is very close to grand lake theater to give you some perspective. it is a commercial district here. two employees shot to death. the call came in to oakland police shortly before midnight at 11:43. joining me out here now is officer watson with oakland police. two employees of wing stop shot and killed before midnight. what do we know about what happened? >> so far the investigation has revealed at least two suspects entered the business, had a confrontation with two employees and unfortunately employees were fatally shot and killed. what we are following up with is video surveillance, witnesses and also members of the staff t
led to three days of protests in oakland, leaving the city scarred by violence and destruction. several businesses are now van cool lized and almost a dozen people are under arrest. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in oakland with business owners who are upset with all the violence, rightfully so, christie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. we have been speaking with oakland resident and business owners. boy, i have to tell you they are tired of dealing with this. step aside and see what parts of the downtown area look like. they say not only is this costing them money, broken windows they say they are losing customers at a time when a restaurant scene is booming. a waiter here at the flora restaurant was attacked, hit in the head with a hammer trying to protect the restaurant. we are told he is recovering after spending the night in the emergency room. protesters had already smashed the windows on saturday and oakland business leaders just left this restaurant to report it when it happened. windows boarded up at the men's warehouse. comerica bank was
a crew in oakland and we'll have the latest information as soon as it comes into the newsroom. >>> now let's check the weather. a bit of a heat wave? >> yes, temperatures heating up today. we have fog to begin with again. can't get away from that. high pressure building in overhead. some of these temperatures moving back into the 90s today. still staying cool at the coastline but much hotter weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and taking a look outside, here's a live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far no delay coming into san francisco. this morning, we have roadwork and it's on both decks. we'll have more coming up. >> thank you. >>> some developing news now out of southern california where a destructive wildfire has forced 6,000 people to evacuate in riverside county. winds pushed the flames toward idylwild. the fire began on monday. as teresa garcia reports, it has burned more than 19,000 acres and is just 15% contained. >> reporter: the mountain fire raging southwest of palm springs is prompting new evacuations. the blaze has already burned at le
in oakland today. >> reporter: they packed the front of the federal building in downtown oakland, men and women of varying racing, some wearing hoodies similar to the outfit he had on when he died. several were teenagers like 13-year-old david. >> i believe that it doesn't matter what race you are, how you look, how your hair is, i can still be yourself and set a good example for your people and family. >> the event is oakland was hundred so-called justice for trayvon rallies across the nation organized by civil rights activist al sharpton. they wanted the federal government to do what george zimmerman jury did not. >> we cannot allow this verdict of george zimmerman to stand. we can't stop here. we have to keep going. >> some the crowd were not as sympathetic when mayor jean quan, angry over police tactics over protestors and afr. >> whether you are black or white or whether... >> reporter: unlike recent protests when oakland police admit they were unprepared and vandals smashed windows and injuring innocent people, there were many officers quietly watching the rally. the mayor says
jose. it's northbound 101 i mentioned it at old oakland road now a lane is blocked and traffic is beginning to backup beyond the 280 interchange so the accident northbound 101 old oakland road now three cars are involved. the rest of the south bay though free and clear including on 280 and the east bay on 24 near telegraph, it looks good until you reach the bay bridge toll plaza. then there's some slight delays in all lanes. let's go to 880 in oakland. no delays. looks good between the airport and downtown. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> thank you. >>> developing knew now out of hayward. -- developing news now out of hayward. police are searching for i asuspect who shot a man in his car. police got calls of shots fired around 10:00 last night near revere and pottsdam street. officers believe the man was shot a few blocks away and drove to the spot. the victim is hospitalized in intensive care and there's a report of a white car in the area after the shooting. police aren't sure if that's involved. >>> oakland plans to prevent damage to businesses seen
emotional. in sanford, florida, marcy gonzalez, abc news. >> oakland-based civil rights attorney john burris said he was not surprised by the not guilty verdict. >> the prosecution put on a witness that said there was a fight that was taking place, it looked like a fight, but trayvon was on top of mr. zimmerman. the prosecution put that witness on. that witness turned out to be a better witness for the defense, and in my own view ultimately was a lynch pin of the defense's case. >> protesters marched across the city after the verdict was read. sky 7hd was overhead as a group of protesters marched through the mission district. sergio is live with the latest. sergio? >> ama, within about an hour of the verdict being announced in sanford, florida about a hundred people turned out here to mission and 24th for a demonstration here in san francisco. but right now in oakland the demonstrations there are just starting up. you can see now live on sky 7hd there is a group of people, probably about 25 to 50 people who j out of the plaza near city hall and are now moving up on broadway. this demonstrati
, rallies, this one with hundreds gathered in oakland. what is missing? negotiations. >> we gave them new proposals yesterday and they gave us nothing new yesterday. >> the union negotiator said she gathered talks ve been suspected. >> we told them all he has to do is to call us and we will meet. >> reporter: both sides blame the other for not meeting and not willing to negotiate or make an offer. >> they have a substantial proposal on the table. one that we increased saturday. that they have yet to respond to. >> we are asking for a fair wage increase. because workers had a zero increase in four years. >> the union says bart's offer is too small. bart says it doubled its original offer to 8% over four years. what they agree on is say this is not what they wanted. >> we believe the strike is necessary and we hope we could get our people back to work. >> the unions say they are ready tolk when a new offer is presented. bart says they are ready to talk right now. bart says there is nothing new this evening. no talks planned today. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a.c. transit says
in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>> and in oakland, some of rallying against the verdict at frank ovala plaza >> reporter: and john, the protestors have just left the plaza and they're walking down broadway now. >> they were just 12 or 24 people, a couple dozen people this evening at around 10:00, but now it's around 100. >> they're taking to the streets right now. >> take a look at this earlier video as people were gathering. >> there are signs with trayvon martin's picture on it and many of these protesters wearing hoddies. >> just about 15 minutes ago, there was a moment of silence held, instead of prayer. >> protestors say they feel this is the great in justice and they're totally disappointed by the verdict. >> he didn't get justice at all and i feel like everybody out here agrees. >> i'm kind of disappointed they found that man innocent. >> it's wrong. >> i feel he should serve some type of justice, is do some type of time. a little time or something. >> very disappointing. i feel like it's unfair and unjust. >> i feel like he should have walked away with a sentence, whether 3 yea
an unarmed african-american teen oakland is cleaning up. a protest last night turned chaotic. today more protests are underway in oakland and san francisco. i'm ama daetz. let's take a live look from sky 7hd above the protest in oakland. hundreds-marching westbound. john alston is on the ground in oakland. reporter: this all began with a rally and speeches, and then at ten after five that group of people went on the move, 200 or so protesters started moving downs broadway toward the waterfront. they're angry at the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. they are heading heading into wt oakland. it has slowed traction in portions of the city, which demonstrators hope makes a point. >> great injustice happened this weekend, and i think that if anybody stops and thinks, hey, this could have been my child. >> sky 7hd live again over the march in west oakland near mandela parkway. it has been loud, somewhat boisterous, but peaceful. police have not heard any reports of vandalism. nothing to indicate what happened last night. it has been peaceful and loud. earli
in oakland showing their anger of the verdict of the george zimmerman trial. we are giving you a live look here, it looks like the crowd is on the move marching in the streets. just an about minutes ago we got an estimate of this crowd to be at least 200 people and near by merchants are once again worried about tension from this crowds spilling over into businesses. the protests that's getting under way in the city streets. ken is live tonight, which directions are they heading ken? >> reporter: we are on broad way at 12th, this started in front of city hall and right now the crowds is marching in the direction of jackelyn and square so we are heading down broad way street and closer to interstate 880, there is probably 300 or more protestors that are out here today. this started at the rally at the plaza and the crowd grew after the afternoon wore on and more and more people starting showing up and getting louder, there are oakland police officers here but they are on the sidewalks walking along and keeping a the protestors. we are now at broad way and 11th street. a lot of people carryin
in oakland. he has been watching the protests throughout the evening. dan? >> reporter: right now, we are at 14th and broadway. the protesters are a block down at telegraph and broadway. the police are keeping a much closer eye on them. they have taken a hands off approach earlier in the evening so much so that some have thought it was too much and too hands off. the marching orders for the protesters were clear. march wherever you want. and they did. marching orders for oakland police, not so clear. either unprepared or taking a hands off approach, they allowed protester to get on and shut down i-880 for several minutes around 7:00 p.m. >> although we haven't increased our staffing and we haven't brought in additional resourcers, it is hard to take charge of 100 people. >> reporter: with dusk giving way tonight. the protesters headed to the freeway again. in this occasion, i-580. this time, protesters didn't make it on the freeway because by now, oakland police asked for the highway patrol's help. something they had not done at the beginning of the evening. >> black white suppression
trial. oakland police have outnumbered the number of protesters tonight. police are enforcing the law. they are handing out tickets. at least one arrest. a very different sustain from last night. kron 4 was there when the arrest was made just a few minutes ago. you can see a person being taken off by police in riot gear. good evening, i'm catherine heenan and new at 11:00, a group of protesters back in the streets of oakland and again, a stepped up police presence. that is very clear. kron 4's alicia reed is live in oakland watching what is happening. alicia? >> reporter: katherine, police are on high alert. officers are here surrounding city hall in case anything should happen. >> pigs go home! pigs go home! >> reporter: it got a little physical outside city hall when a few protesters confronted police. they didn't last long, but officers manned the streets should anyone get violent. earlier at the city council meeting, neighbors showed concern about last night's violent protest. in fact, paul from the oakland police department cig they were prepared with a contingency plan when the
in downtown oakland. see what it means for commuters of the bart incident. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> it is friday, july 19 i am gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 earlier ago. >> president speak about the george zimmerman case opening up with his own about race relation. oakland experienced several nights of unrests of frustrations boiling over to violent. happening now people are once again gathering around the plaza and patti lee is live there once again. >> reporter: this group is on the move, this is a with are all trayvon martin banner that's trying to catch up with 150 people who are half way down the block. this group all met because of the trayvon martin situation, they say there is a lot of groups out there and they have different messages and agendas that led to some tense moment earlier this evening. >> this shouting match stems from different opinions about trayvon martin and what he represents. >> we are not tolerating this. we are demanding justice and we are saying
is a new protest in oakland demanding justice for trayvon martin and police were out in force. it started at frank ogowa plaza. the crowd made the walk to the station. sergio is there with more. sergio. >> dan, organizers of tonight's demonstration and candlelight vigil at the fruit veil bart station call it sacred ground. that's where oscar grant was killed in 2009. this vigil wrapped up a day of activism in oakland that was all nonviolent. about a a hundred people assembled for a candlelight vigil. organizers remined everyone to remain nonviolent. >> this is a place for a peaceful vigil and honoring ceremony for trayvon martin. >> reporter: mixed in was gene quan. most of the people arrived by foot as part of a four-mile mart mart -- march that started earlier in the evening. they came together for this event. some are here speaking out against gun violence and some are here to address the vandalism against businesses as it happened at earlier events. >> a real concern should be they do business in the city to help the city, so why attack somebody who wants to ultimately better us? >> h
evening, i'm ama daetz. the largest trayvon martin rally in the bay area was held in oakland where the mayor got a less than warm reception. john alston is live at lake merritt where another rally is set to begin. >> we're awaiting a bicycle rally. a smaller march just went how to. the events today are to put pressure on the federal government to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman and for states to get rid of "stand your ground" laws. [chanting] >> they packed the front of the federal building in downtown oakland. men and women of vary using rates. some wearing hoodies. some speakers were teenagers like david. >> i believe it doesn't matter what race you are, how you look, how your hair is, you justed in to be yourself, and still you need to set a good example for your people and your family so that you can still walk out. >> the event in oakland was one of a hundred so-called justice for trayvon rallies across the nation. they want the federal government to do what george zimmerman's floor jury did not. >> we cannot allow this verdict on george zimmerman to stand.
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at some of the damage in downtown oakland. >> reporter: we are. and for a second night in a row a group of angry demonstrators took to the streets here and in some cases they targeted many of the businesses in the area. this is is one of the small businesses here on broadway. as you can see the front window here was smashed over the weekend. hit pretty hard by this demonstration. this was all part of a protest that was sparked by the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman. late last night and early into the morning our ktvu cameras followed a group of 700 protestors as they moved throughout downtown oakland. in some cases buildings were spray painted and protestors went toe to toe with police. we did see one person that was taken into custody by officers. the officer i spoke with didn't have any information on arrests connected with last night's demonstrations. the protestors did block a number of intersections forcing drivers to turn around. and at one point our photographer felt so threatened by a segment of the crowd he ducked behind a security fence at a local business. this unrest
>>> protesters reconvene in downtown oakland tonight amidst tough questions for opd brass about how officers have handled two nights of protests. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm the gasia mikaelian. a slow but peaceful crowd has gathered once again. >> reporter: it looks a little different now. we're at frank ogawa plaza, you can see there's a few dozen protesters tonight. what is different tonight is if you look out to the other side of the lawn on oakland city hall, you will see a number of police officers in uniform all over this area. corners around 14th and broadway there are a number of police officers, things are peaceful here now. but still a lot of people here are wondering but people are still wondering if it will last. it all began saturday after a florida jury found george zimmerman not guilty of murder. the officers said they had difficult getting to protesters. like those who smashed these windows. >> the officers had a difficult getting to the point we had to deploy chemical munitions to rescue the officers. >> reporter: three nights in a row, frustratin
. >>> the latest protests in oakland over the george zimmerman trial were more peaceful than the previous three nights. we saw more police than protestors in some spots. a small group clashed with officers after police asked them to turn down a loudspeaker but other than that, things were low key. kpix 5 reporter christin ayers reports a community group in oakland is asking for help in paying to replace windows smashed monday night. >> she was there too, grant's mom. >> reporter: darvish har shaw is putting the finishing touches on a story about trayvon martin and oscar grant. >> the greatest takeaway from the trayvon martin case is that not everyone looks at young black men as human beings. >> reporter: youth radio is where hershaw grew up. >> it's about amplifying the youth voice and making sure justice is heard from all levels. >> reporter: from a teen to a man to a story teller. >> there's always a story to tell in downtown oakland. >> reporter: but last night, the place that taught harshaw how to be a journalist became the story. someone smashed the windows of youth radio. ironically, in
look at a quiet downtown oakland as you can see here, a different scene than just a few hours ago. oakland police tell ktvu there were no arrested during today's protest. security remained tight around each rally and march planned in oakland. >> ktvu's jade hender questions about live near lake merritts a new amphitheater, where a candlelight vigil wrapped up just about an hour ago. >> reporter: heather, tonight, began much as it began very peacefully. dozens of people gathered as the sunset. >> peace and love is the way forward for us and that is how we actually achieve justice. >> tonight candles burnedded for young people who lost their lives to gun violence and for trayvon martin, one man is disappointed by florida justice. >> appears that our -- it's okay to kill black and brown young people it appears that the system treats it as okay. >> reporter: just hours before r-bicyclists rode as oakland police followed close behind. >> 99.9% of the people are here for a good time and ride in peace. >> reporter: this afternoon, at least nine officers walked behind this march fro
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